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Vesta Realtors offers reliable and transparent realty services in the Czech Republic to a broad base of commercial and residential clients. We will be happy to help you identify a property for purchase, prepare your home for sale, guide you through the Czech market, and advise you on matters of financing, insurance, and legalities around your real estate transaction.

June 2017: We are proud to offer the historic Sokol building in Podmokly among our commercial properties.
May 2017: We have been licensed by the Czech National Bank as an independent broker of consumer and mortgage loans and are now listed on the CNB register.
March 2017:

We've moved! Our new address is Pohranicni 463/5, 405 02 Decin I, Czech Republic



Residential listings

Homes, Separate

180 m2

House, Frydstejn-Horky, Bohemian Paradise area, Czech Republic …more>

500 000.00 CZK

Apartments, 1BR

80 m2

1BR apt, Podmokly, Decin, northern Czech Republic …more>

5 800.00 CZK

Commercial listings

Commercial space, Retail

277 m2

Commercial unit, Decin, northern Czech Republic …more>

50 000.00 CZK

Commercial properties, Warehousing

340 m2

Commercial space, Benesov n. Pl., northern Czech Republic …more>

10 000.00 CZK


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Just in!

Single-family home, Techlovice, Decin district

Separate, 180 m2

Single-family home, Techlovice, Decin district, Czech Republic...

1 380 000.00 CZK

One-bedroom apartment with balcony, Zelenice, Decin

1BR, 65 m2

1BR apt with balcony, Zelenice, Decin, northern Czech Republic...

5 000.00 CZK

Large one-bedroom apartment in the heart of town, Podmokly, Decin

1BR, 80 m2

1BR apt, Podmokly, Decin, northern Czech Republic...

5 800.00 CZK